Major Ports we operate in Kerala

Master Marine International is general shipping and maintenance Support Company headquartered in Vizhinjam, located at the extreme south-west shore of South Asia, as well as several other minor and major ports across Kerala.


Vizhinjam Port

Vizhinjam, located at the extreme south-western tip of South Asia, served as an important port throughout the history of the region. The location is economically and geopolitically significant as a key point connecting the shipping between Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


Thankassery Port

Kollam Port is one of the historic ports situated 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) away from Downtown Kollam (formerly Quilon), 14km north of Paravur and 24km north of Varkala Town. It is the second largest port in Kerala by volume of cargo handled and facilities. Located on the south-west coast of India


Cochin Port

Kochi and is one of the largest ports in India. It is also the first transhipment port in India. The port lies on two islands in the Lake of Kochi: Willington Island and Vallarpadam. The Cochin port was formed naturally due to the flooding of the Periyar River in 1341 AD, and, over time, has become a major flashpoint for trade


Calicut Port

Beypore port is the second biggest port in Kerala after Cochin and currently handles about 100,000 tonnes of cargo and 7500 passengers per annum. The nearest ports are Kochi and Mangalore. Now the port has a depth of about 5 meters alongside wharf and approach channel.


Kannur Port

Azhikode is a coastal village located in the Kannur district of Kerala, southern India.The place has both small seaport and a fishing port.It is the location of the planned expanded cargo port.The closest railway is Valapattanam Railway Station.It’s well connected in all directions providing a fluid transport system.